To sync to events to your Android device, an email account must first be linked to your phone. To find out more on how to do this, refer to your phone manufacturer’s support pages.

Once your phone is connected to an email address, you can sync to ECAL events using the Android option:

  1. Click the ECAL ‘Sync to Calendar’ button
  2. Choose the schedules that you want to subscribe to and hit ‘Next’ (if applic)
  3. Choose the ‘Android’ option from the list of calendars
  4. You will then be asked to confirm your email account.
  5. Click If it’s the first ECAL calendar you’ve subscribed to, you will need to allow the access to your calendar to sync. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything other than sync the events you’ve asked for. Feel free to find out more in our Privacy Policy
  6. Once accepted, you will be transferred back to the ECAL widget
  7. Finalise the registration fields the organisation has set and click Next
  8. Success! You will now be subscribed to your chosen events
  9. Your Samsung calendar will now include a new subscription under the Manage Calendars section.
  10. Didn’t work? Please get in touch with us by clicking here and we can run you through it!