How to subscribe on Google Calendar

Click the ECAL ‘Sync to Calendar’ button Choose the schedules that you want to subscribe to and hit ‘Next’ (if applic) Choose the ‘Google’ option from the list of calendars You will then be asked to confirm your Google account. If it’s the first ECAL calendar you’ve subscribed to, you will need to allow the […]

How to unsubscribe on an Android Phone or Tablet

To unsubscribe from a calendar, follow these steps: Go to Settings  Tap on ‘Accounts & Sync’ Locate the ECAL calendar you are subscribed to Tap the Menu option Tap on the ‘Remove Account’ option Confirm the removal of the calendar. The calendar will then be removed.

How to unsubscribe on Google Calendar

Open Google Calendar on your computer Hover your mouse pointer over the calendar you want to unsubscribe from. Click the “X” icon to unsubscribe from that calendar as shown in the screenshot below. If you wish to revoke ECAL access forever, click here  

How to remove ECAL access to Google Calendar

If you are at any stage unhappy with the service, you can remove ECAL’s access from your account using the Google MyAccount portal Here’s how:  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Google Account and open Google Calendar. 2. Click the Account Icon in the top right of the screen.  3. Select the […]