We try to make subscribing to ECAL as simple as possible, but we understand that sometimes things can not go to plan.

Here are a few of the common problems we’ve seen people experience when trying to subscribe to ECAL. Of course if you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to get in-touch with us via our live chat. We’re happy to help.

Common problems…


When you subscribe to ECAL, you should see a popup that will prompt you to open your ICAL Calendar.

If you didn’t see it, try and click the “Didn’t see the popup” link on the widget, which should re-open the popup and you can follow the instructions to add to your calendar.

Do you have a popup blocker enabled? This may cause the calendar to not open. Click here for help with disabling the popup blocker.


Sometimes your computer might not have a Default calendar set. No stress though, if this sounds like you just need to try the following steps.

Subscribe again but this time choose the “Other ICS” option.

  1. Copy the webcal link that you see. Note; this is your personal ECAL link so don’t share it with others to avoid causing problems with your calendar.
  2. Open the Calendar application on your computer
  3. Under the File option, select New Calendar Subscription
  4. Paste the URL in here and click Subscribe